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Safety Belts?

Hello, some vehicles have the attachment for their Safety Belts directly to the seat itself. While other models of vehicles directly anchor their Safety Belts into the floor of said vehicle. Is there a government regulation pertaining to either method? Thank you for taking the time to answering my question ASAP as the research will help in deciding on a certain style older car. Sincerely, Louie DePuydt

All seat belts, regardless of their attachment method, have to pass the same standards that were in effect when the vehicle was built.

I don’t think one is “safer” than the other.

Which older cars are you looking at?

I’ve honestly never seen or heard of seat belts that were not anchored to the chassis. Can you post any examples?

Some Cadillacs had their safety belts attached to the seat, rather than the chassis. While this always made me somewhat leery, they did have to meet the same impact standards. But, all the same…

I can’t remember specific brands, but I have seen a few cars with seat belts, or maybe just the shoulder straps, built into the seats, rather than mounted to the body. I think this was back in the early 90s, when door-mounted shoulder straps and motorized shoulder straps were common.

I always assumed the seats had to be rather robustly built to withstand the forces of a crash. Seemed like an expensive alternative to standard seat belts.

I never liked the door-mounted shoulder belts, either. The doors of the cars I’ve seen with this system didn’t seem strong enough.