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Safe to drive 2000 Toyota Camry for 2 hours

I drive 2000 Toyota Camry that I’ve owned for all 19 years and it only has around 175,000 miles on it. Minor problem with exhaust that got fixed recently but came right back. Every so often it starts sputtering due to improper exhaust and I need to give it a break before starting it up again. Is it safe to drive for up to 2 hours or is it too likely I’ll break down?

I’d say it would be safe to drive the two hours if it was in good operating condition, no fluid leaks, etc. If it has to be shut down to rest every so often because of an exhaust problem (which I’m curious what that problem is), it’s not really in good working condition. I’d want to address that issue first. Sometimes minor issues that are left unattended turn into major issues.

We need more details on this problem that you’re having. What you said so far doesn’t help much.

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What do you mean by improper exhaust?

Take it to a trusted mechanic to diagnose what the problem might be. Very difficult to diagnose any problem like this over the internet.

This. It sounds like you might have an exhaust restriction or possibly a bad catalytic converter but those are just guesses at this point. You need a proper diagnosis and fix. Until then, I wouldn’t drive the car beyond towing radius.

What they said!

NEI… Not enough information.
I will go on record to say “NO!” it is not safe to drive.

Whether it’s an exhaust restriction problem that could damage the engine and leave you stranded or an external exhaust leak that could kill you with carbon monoxide, or anything in between, I will say it’s unsafe until more information is known.