Safe enough?

I have a 2001 Toyota Avalon with 139,000 miles and it runs great. When I get on the highway going 80 MPH my RPM’S are around 2700-2800. Is that safe and normal running conditions for the car? Also I will be taking it out of town going that speed for about 3 hours. Should I be nervous or would my car be fine?? It’s been about 6 months since my last trip.

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Timing belt was first replaced at 69,000 miles. When should I do it again??

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I don’t see a duplicate post about this so I’ll just say that if all of the fluids are kept in good order (esp. oil, transmission, coolant) then you could run the car at 2700-2800 rpms flat out on the highway all day long. It won’t care.

Thank you. I feel much better about traveling today. Much appreciated.

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I’ve driven newer rental cars at 85 mph across the Nevada desert for hours at a time, never even a clue of a problem, but never a car that old. Still, if I was doing this trip with a car of that vintage, unless I was certain the routine maintenance had always been done, and always on schedule, and the tires and brakes were in new or almost new condition and tires speed appropriate rated, I’d keep the speed 70 mph or below.

File a flight plan,if you dont arrive get somebody to come looking for you,carry shade and plenty of water(tip-dont die with water in the canteen)-Kevin