Safe cars for a person on limited income

I am 69, disabled , on SS, and on dialysis–where I drive approx.9 miles 3 times a week.My 1998 VOLVO s90 has lost a cylender and is dying. Please suggest some safe cars for a woman like me. On limited funds, I need a 2016 or 2017 low milaqge reliable car. Is it possible on SS???

You may wish to consider Uber for your dialysis trips rather than drive yourself. It may be cheaper and more reliable.

As for buying a 2016 or 17 car on SS. That depends a whole lot on your overall finances. We can’t help with that. Most any car these days is very safe. I’d suggest dumping the Volvo and looking to Toyota, Honda, Mazda or other brand. Cheaper to repair than a Volvo and just as safe.

Another thought in addition to Uber/Lyft as @Mustangman suggested: in my county our local transit authority has a waiver program to help people with transportation to medical appointments (including dialysis). Maybe call one of the caseworkers at your primary care physician to see if those types of services exist in your area. Good luck with everything!