Safe car

I am looking to replace my Volvo V70 XC. I am not crazy about Volvo but originally purchased it because of it’s safety rating and storage. I would like something that is extremely safe with storage and good gas mileage or even a hybrid.

Ford 500, lots of space and more relaiable than the new European cars. MPG is more in your right foot than wasting this planets resources on a hybrid. People drive the Prius and still get only 40MPH if they are lead footed.

i never thought id say this, but honda civic, please just promise you will keep the exhaust, rims, tach, and all parts stock.

IMO, safety has a lot more to do with the driver than the car. My motorcycle is very safe, I don’t run into stuff with it and I don’t let people run into me.

I am not concerned with my driving, it’s all the other crazies on the road!

Not enough cargo space.

I understand that some people want “safer” cars.

How much are you planning on spending; how many people, how much stuff, do you need AWD?

Willing to pay up to MSRP $40,000. Safety is main priority. 3-4 pp AWD is nice option

Mercury Grand Marquis or the aforemention Ford 500, or it’s newer (and better) version, the Taurus. Also check out the Chevy Impala - I average over 30mpg in my 01 Impala. Another new car that would be good would be the Hyundai Azera.

If used, look at the Crown Vic, or a Hyundai Sonata or XG-series.

If safety is your priority, start by looking here:

You will do quite well with any misdsize or full-size passenger car. The auto manufacturers are no longer turning out any unsafe cars.

My advice is to look for a make/model that you like, one that appeals to you for some reason. It could be appearance, cargo capacity, mpg, status, features, or whatever. Then check the safety ratings last. You should see that the one that appeals to you has very acceptable safety ratings.

If you would still back off your preferred favorite because it has “only” a 4-star offset crash rating while some other monstrosity has 5-stars, then suit yourself. Understand you must live with your choice for the next ten years. Everyone has his own idea of happiness.

Here’s another good reference:

It shows real safety statistics for cars and trucks. Since this is real world data, the newest is 2004-2006. Many of the models are still available. Another interesting thing is that bigger is safer. Your desires for safety and good gas mileage are at odds with each other. A Toyota Highlander hybrid gets 27 city and 25 highway. Maybe that would work for you. It is only available with 4WD FWIW.

The Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute/Mercury Mariner hybrids are samller but get better mileage: 34/30 2WD and 29/27 4WD.

this is gonna hurt… whisperschevy aveo

" You will do quite well with any misdsize or full-size passenger car. The auto manufacturers are no longer turning out any unsafe cars."

I agree…safety standards are a big selling point again. I feel SteveF is right on.
Remember also that a big part of safety is handling. My 4 Runner would do very well in a collision, but might be more prone to get into one, or a rollover.
I wouldn’t recomend it as a very safe car.
A 4 cyl mid size Accord/Camry and try the new Chevy Malibu as well as Ford Taurus. All midsize, all safe.
I’m not a hybrid fan unless you do lots of city driving and you buy small.
Subaru and Honda, both safe mid size cars, say they will market a deisel in the US in a couple of years. I wouldn’t hold your breath, but I’d be tempted to hold out until or buy used til then if you can wait and like those models.

Consumer reports has all of them and covers a lot about cars. The April issue has all the auto stuff and is on sale right now. Barnes and Nobles has a stack of them.

I’m not sure if Honda tested it’s unibody on the Accord, but I know they used some kinda “hybrid safety cage” for their new Civic and tested the Civic against an SUV collision as well as a similarly sized vehicle. I’ve seen no other car claim that.

I just read that the newest cars, Ford Fusion for example, have such good body integrity for crash resistance; have such tough construction and materials that crash people are having to buy new cutting jaws to get people out of bad wrecks. The old equipment is no longer strong enough to cut through door and roof pillars. Make sure that you get side air bags.

When we occasionally shop around, it seems too common that small SUVS have no more and often even less room for cargo than an ordinary mid-size sedan.