SAE 20W/50 Bardahl Classic

Miss Bardahl getting a little exercise…

MG McAnick, Castrol 20/50 is what I always ran in the BMW I had and it didn’t seem out of line as I was used to old Harleys and straight 60 weight. There was never an issue with 20/50 even during the winter.

The place is closed now, but there used to be a full service gas station on the edge of Enid, OK and they carried a massive assortment of motor oils of all brands. The entire back wall was covered in shelves crammed full of oil containers and while I can’t remember for sure due to the passage of time I vaguely remember some Bardahl products there.

They also carried Amalie motor oil (which I used in my car) and Aeroshell aviation oil which I used in my Harleys. Harleys can get away with straight 60 and 65 weight due to the roller bearing lower ends.

Here in Mexico, most folks think all cars need 20W-50. Some time ago, I wanted a back-up quart of 10W-30 to carry with me. I stopped in a local oil shop, and the punk kid there snarled at me, “It will ruin your motor.” He was not joking.

I may need to buy a used Mexican car since they told me my 2002 can’t be imported. I am going to have to budget a motor rebuild if the previous owner used that heavy oil. I theorize that 60,000 miles on 20W-50 can’t be good for VVT etcetera.