Sad Sable


I have a 97 Sable that runs great, today the battery seemed hungry for a charge. While putting the cables on, I accidently crossed the wrongs ones on the battery posts, now my heater is running all the time, and my speedometer does not work, any suggestions?


Check for blown fuses


Make sure you have any security code for the radio and/or security system and disconnect the battery for a few hours and re-connect it. With a lot of luck that may set things right by rebooting a car computer.


you definatly blew some fuses,1st one popped is the alt fuse.check all of them.


Does this Sable have electronic HVAC controls or the knobs? If the former, there is a way to do diagnostic on the electronic control. I don’t know it off hand. Try an Taurus/Sable forum or