Saab Front Strut Color Codes & Reliable Used Sources

Hi Everyone. So i’m looking to get some input on a couple things.

I need to replace the strut assembly on the drivers side for my 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0t because the mount bearing is bad and creaking.
I bought a Quick Strut online a couple years ago, and it’s been working fine since then, but it just started creaking again like the original one that was on it before.
I purchased a used OEM strut off of ebay that appears to have the same exact problems, so now i’m trying to look for a new one and have two questions.

  1. What exactly do the color codes mean that are on the OEM struts? Like Blue vs Red/Purple, Sport vs non-Sport suspension, etc. I’ve seen these terms thrown around online and haven’t found any concrete answers on what colors mean what kind of suspension.
  2. Does anybody know of any reliable vendors that sell used OEM struts that have the best chance of NOT having a bad mount bearing, and are decently priced? The only option I’ve found for decently priced OEM struts are off ebay, and the rest of the options on there look like ones picked out of junkyards.

The color codes on the springs are for different weight cars. 4 cylinder is lighter than a V6 so it takes a shorter spring than the 6 to keep the bumper height correct; The color code on the strut is the suspension level… soft, medium or stiff.

It is far quicker to identify a color than read a part number when assembling the strut modules. For Example…Blue spring with a white strut for a turbo 4.

Just change only the bearing. They are cheap. The work is about the same as swapping strut modules. Rent a spring compressor so you can take the strut module apart and change it.


You could take used strut to shop and have them replace mount.

I would sure want to have matching struts and springs on my front suspension.


You do not want to change only one strut. Both at the same time as texases correctly mentions.

Since you mention a creaking noise and the car is aged you might consider that the noise is related to sway bar bushings. That is a common problem with aged sway bar bushings. Try some aerosol lube and see if the creaking noise goes away.

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