SAAB Dies then Lives

I have a 97 Saab 900S w/124k miles.Very good condition but in the last three weeks I’ll be driving for 25-30 minutes and it dies - just stops running. Dash board lights up but no indication of the problem. I’ll sit on the side of road for 5 minutes then it starts right up again. Someone said it’s a dying fuel pump. Others have said, water in the tank. Any ideas?

It’s not likely water in the tank at all but it could be a dying fuel pump. There’s not enough info known to make much of a guess here since we do not know if the problem is fuel or spark related.

When was the last time the fuel filter was changed?

I kind of doubt water in the tank but heat or sea foam could solve that. You need to be able to analyze if it is a spark or fuel condition causing no start. Are you inclined to test for gas and spark in the no start condition? If not you can let a repair shop or dealer of your choice know what is going on and stop by there every chance you get, so if a no start condition presents itself they can figure it out within 5 minutes.