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Saab 93 hesitation hell


I have a 2004 Saab 93 ARC, standard transmission, 5-speed, 2 litre engine car. For months, I’ve been trying to have it fixed. The car is hesitating badly either when getting into gear or sometimes randomly while driving (along. Feels like a chokey, vibration feeling and sounds like an old VW at those moments.

So far have: Taken it to specialty mechanic. Mechanic took it to dealership. Changed injectors. Changed coilpack. Changed electrical harness. Performed a terra-clean. Done compression test (warm) - no problems identified. Re-gapped the spark plugs. Error code with check engine light is pointing to cylinder 1. Changed the air flow meter as well. Nothing is working. Really feeling nuts. Love this car and not enjoying driving it these days. Sometimes engine light comes on. Mechanic turns off again or car turns it off itself. Please, please help!