Saab 9-5 aero stops running while driving

Looking for help. Wife’s 2003 9-5 aero wagon with 99,000 miles has stopped runing while during driving without warning. The first time the car would turn over, stumble and die after a few seconds. Replaced the fuel pump. A few weeks later, the car would occasionally turn over but not start-mechanic pulled codes that said the car was misfiring. Replaced the crank shaft sensor. Everything was fine until today when the car stopped running suddenly(just lost power)without warning. Restarted about 10 minutes later.

Obviously not safe to drive the car unless the problem correctly identified and fixed.

Also has a new battery and ignition cassette.

The car has been maintained on schedule and is otherwise in excellent conditon.

Thanks for thoughts/ideas.

There may be a problem with the fuel pump relay. To see if this problem is being caused by a fuel delivery problem carry a can of starter fluid with you and when the trouble happens again see if a little shot of fluid into the intake will help get the engine running. If it does then you are sure that the trouble is due to a lack of fuel.

Thanks for the input. Car did not pull any codes, all ground points are secure and the fuel pump is operating normally.