Saab 9-3 rattling

hey guys ive been hearing rattling under my car lately only when it is cold. i am wondering what it is.
also when i drive, i hear a small grinding sound but i can only hear it in low revs. would it be the heatshield?
here is a video of my heat shield and can someone tell me if it is loose?
if that is the cause of the small grinding sound?
does it have something to do with the sound coming from the first vid?
what is it?

The rattling may well be the heat shield.
Get some molded ramps, put the car safely up on them, slide underneath on a sheet of corrugated cardboard with some work gloves, and shake some stuff around. That’s really the only definitive way to know.

The grinding sound may also be the heat shield. Fix the heat shield and see f the grinding sound is still there. If it is, post under what conditions it grinds and we’ll take it from there.

You can fix the heat shield by securing it with a long worm-drive hose clamp. It works great, and the clamp may outlast the car.