SAAB 2004 Oil Change

SAAB 2004 Oil Change today left me with no working radio, but for $170 more the SAAB dealership in Lansing,MI could bring back my radio and sound in my turning signal. This happened once before but the dealership in Grand Rapids, MI, happily fixed it.

What should I do? SAAB said that I could buy a new SAAB.

I think that we need more details than you have supplied in order to give an opinion that has any real chance of being valid.

Thank you for responding. I drove 100 miles for the oil change in Lansing. The car’s radio and sound of the turning signal worked before the oil change. I have everything done on the car as needed. The Saab information display does not say anything except the outside temp. and the date. I looked under the seat to see if maybe something is disconnected and I checked the fuse panel and everything dealing with the radio looked good.

I would go back to oil change shop and have them show you just how they changed the oil and what they touched. the oil has nothing to do the radio. unless you have a securty system in the radio and they disconnected the battery for some reason then the code would have to put back in to start radio again. with out the code only a dealer can unlock radio. not sure but a guess ( do you reset the oil change remainer light through the radio bottons then the oil place did do this wright) just a dum question. did you ask the dealer what they did to fix it last time
or did you pay and run for your car. ask ask ask thre question what caused the problem, what did they do to fix it,how long do they warr their
work if it longer then 3000 miles they should have fixed for free check on time some places have six months repair for free. if you fined out the oil place is doing it wrong ask them to pay for repairs. god let me go with next time. do you need a husband? call me