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RV vacation option from show

During this weekend’s show a woman from MA called in about her dream to take an RV to Graceland with her family but her husband is against it due to environmental reasons. I am suggesting that they figure out the approximate carbon impact of the trip versus a VW or some other car and then investigate websites that will plant trees in an effort to be carbon neutral. She gets to take the RV trip (which is a blast…we have done it) and he can feel like their one-time vacation will not be damaging to the environment. Everybody is a wiener in this scenario.

I have zero confidence in these ‘carbon neutal’ programs. Talk about a racket prime for rip-offs! I also question anybody who is living such a ‘green life’ that a once-in-a-lifetime road trip is such a big deal. Hubby needs to get a life…

Are we talking about a diesel RV, or a gasoline burner? How large of an RV do you want? What kind of RV are you talking about, a motorhome or a camper trailer?

There is a lot to choose from, with varying sizes and varying degrees of environmental impact. Towing a light weight pop-up camper behind an old police cruiser would probably have the lowest environmental impact of all the RV options.

Tent camping is fun too.

This green thing is all a scam. If you only knew how much oil leaks into the ocean on its own. Yes we should not just dump stuff anywhere. But anyone thinks for one min. that because you drive a RV anywhere it going to cause any damage to the Earth, they don’t the facts. It’s all about money and control. We don’t know enough about the Earth to evan know what started the ice age or why it came to a end. Take the RV and enjoy!!! Me I think I will go cut a tree down so I can stay warm this winter.

Oh and to those of you think we are running out of oil. Answer me this… We are now drilling miles down for oil. If oil came from rotting plants and dino’s . How did it get that deep ? When we find bones close to the surface? I think oil is made deep down in the Earth and is sill being made.

oldbodyman: “This green thing is all a scam. If you only knew how much oil leaks into the ocean on its own.”

The stuff that comes out of the sea floor is unrefined crude oil, not contaminated motor oil. There is a HUGE difference.

Anyone who thinks there is no environmental impact of consuming 6 MPG versus consuming 30 MPG doesn’t know his facts.

Perhaps you should google “environmental drift” and “erosion” to learn something about how the earth changes as it ages. Understanding these concepts will help you answer the question “How did it get that deep?”

Here is a great example that proves vehicle size and the amount of pollution emitted are not necessarily proportional:

Whitey Who said any thing about contaminated motor oil? I worked in the oil exploration. Know a lot about it. Unrefined crude? So what was the big deal about the BP rig in the Gulf? Do you know why oil is thought to come from plants and dinos ? Its because they found fossils in it. The oil that come from miles down does not have fossils in it. Prove to me that if I drive a RV that gets 6 MPG harms anything more than a car thats get 30 MPG. In the big picture all the gas and oil thats made is going to be used. So if I burn it at 6 or 30 MPG it don’t matter. It is a fact that there is more natural pollution than man causes. The Earth cleans itself. It just takes time. As I said we cant just dump waste any were. But there is know way we can change the climate. Just look at history before man. The Earth had a ice age then it got warmer. No help from man.

Will get warmer maybe. If it does a cooler climate will follow.
Follow the money and you will see why its all a scam. Google that.

I am not going to argue about pollution-caused climate change any more that I would argue Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, or that the earth isn’t flat. Just like Darwin’s ideas, this isn’t some crackpot theory. It’s a body of knowledge shared by every prominent member of the scientific community.

I am sure if you “follow the money” on the internet, you can find someone who claims there is proof that burned hydrocarbons are good for respiratory diseases, but that doesn’t make it so.

But there is know way we can change the climate.

[citation needed]

A motorhome is the only way to travel. Comfort and convenience and no motel/hotel rooms. Fix a meal on the fly or take a whiz at 70mph. I won’t get into the pollution theory because my position will probably be politically incorrect. I will say this…the scientific community is brilliant but they still don’t know how a bumblebee can fly.

“the scientific community is brilliant but they still don’t know how a bumblebee can fly.”

They do it by flapping their wings. Mystery solved!

That old saw about bumblebees originated in 1918 or so, not the high point of scientific understanding! Scientists have taken a few steps forward in the mean time:

Thanks for the update on bumblebees. It’s been a few years since I sat in a university classroom so I did not know that Oxford University had really tested the bumblebees flight so thoroughly. I can now cross off the bumblebee mystery in my mind. There…I crossed it off. I only have a couple hundred mysteries left that men (or women) of science can’t prove or disprove.

Hey all! What about renting a Sprinter? Don’t they get ridiculous gas mileage as a high capacity vehicle? There’s got to be a way to rent this bad boy.

An empty cargo truck wouldn’t make much of an RV. I don’t know of any RV conversions on the Sprinter one can rent.

Texases It would make a good base for one.

Here is a link to a Sprinter RV

Too bad those Sprinter rentals are in the west, nothing looks near Graceland. I wonder where she wanted to start from.