Rusted frame repair effect on var value

I’m looking at a 98 Toyota Tacoma that has 59000 miles 1 owner, all original,maintenance records, drives solid in excellent condition. The one issue is the frame has a well done frame repairs due to rust (not a crash). I’ve had a state inspector look at it and said it is the best repair he has seen. I’m still leery about it. How would yhis effect the value and sellability of the truck?

If the repair was properly made, I can’s see what the problem is. If the paint is good, and you have all the MAINTENANCE records neatly put in a binder, I’m sure the next buyer will be impressed with the vehicle.

Then, why would you want to sell Toyota vehicle with only 59,000 miles on it?

Frame rusting out??? It’s hard to believe. Years ago some cars had problems with rust…but it still took a long time for a frame to rust out…even in the Great Lakes Rust belt.

I’d take the car to a frame specialist. These people should be able to tell how well the job is. Have them check out the whole frame…not just the repair. If rust was the cause then there could be other places the frame is rusted.

Docnick I’m looking to buy it–today as a matter of fact. I guess if it passes the Massachusetts inspection that should be good enough. Thanks for the reply. I know 98 Tacoma with 59000 is very unusual

You can buy it.