Rusted '90 Olds

Tom and Ray, your caller said he has a very rusty '90 Olds, inherited, with only 65K miles on it. You told him to spend money keeping it running. But he lives and works in upstate New York.


I live in Florida, and earlier this year bought a '94 Olds 98 with only 90K miles on it. What a lovely living room on wheels! My sis rode in the back seat and felt she was on a better couch than the one she had at home.

BUT - it had terrible rust from being driving in New York upstate, where your caller also lives. I spent $2K getting struts, brakes, and so forth - a LOT of expensive work intended to make this car safe and pleasant to drive for years to come.


The rust became a DEMON. Two weeks ago, only a month after spending a bucketload on this car, the rusted-out frame broke. I finally traded it in, and got shafted, of course, but the car wasn’t worth much. Bought a cheap Hyundai and am much safer and happier - and covered the payments by the gas savings.

So tell your caller NOT to spend a nickle on that car. dump it! Buy a new cheap one for his short commute!