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To Shop Or Not To Shop

Hi All,
Just thought I’d bounce a question off ya. I was given some pretty bad news about my car today. I have a 1999 Buick LeSabre, and just had it worked on. My mechanic, who is a family member and someone I trust, told me this morning that my transmission is probably in trouble. He did a fluid and filter change, and scraped out a huge mound of metal out of the pan. He also showed me a bunch more metal particulates that were floating around in the fluid (which I found on my own. That’s why I had him look at the thing in the first place). He says it’s in trouble, and isn’t sure how much time I have. It still drives OK, aside from a bit of slipping and sometimes banging into gear when I shift while stopped (i.e. from park to reverse, reverse to drive, etc.). My rocker panels are also very quickly being eaten away by rust. Is my vehicle worth the money that it will probably cost to have it fixed, or should I start the process of hunting for a different car?

It’s time to move on. Without the rust, it might have been worth fixing the transmission. I’d start looking immediately.

A '99 LaSabre is worth about Zippo. Time to start looking for your next car.

I agree with the others. With both transmission and serious rust issues, it’s not worth trying to fix.

It sounds as though your Buick is getting ready to submit its resignation from being a car, but is warning you that it is going to retire. Start looking while it can take you shopping for its replacement. A dealer probably won’t want the car, so you can negotiate a “straight out–no trade” price on your next vehicle and donate the Buick or sell it to a salvage yard.

Best piece of advice I could give is that, despite knowing you need a car soon, do NOT let the salesman know it.
Figure out a budget and stick to it, don’t talk payments; talk out the door price

I agree with jtsanders.

Iit’s time to move on and stop putting good money after bad. A car that age in the condition you describe will be a future money pit. Cut your losses.

I’m with the general sentiment that rust is the real culprit and the car is do for replacement regardless of repair of the mechanics.yes, start shopping. You can’t expect much for your car and don’t be lulled into thinking a salesmen will. It may sound like an offer but you generally do better with out a trade of your car’s cognition.

If the car otherwise runs well and if you don’t mind the rust. why not consider a recycled transmission? It could keep you going for a while. I’d want one with lower miles than whatever yours has, preferably from a wreck that did not damage the transmission.