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Runs rough only between 1000 to 2000 rpms. What could cause this? Thanks

Reconditioned engine 5,000 miles ago. Last maintenance check at dealer found nothing wrong. 2000 Honda CRV.

Not enough info to make a guess. Check Engine Light on or flashing? Any codes present?
Idle smooth?

There’s a 100 things it could be but knowing the above info could provide a starting point for a few guesses anyway.

No engine light on or flashing. When engine was on and was reset it indicated oxygen sensor. Just had smog check today and passed with flying colors. Car has lots of power.

I don’t think you made it past ok4450’s largely correct answer: There’s a 100 things it could be…

Though I’m curious - how can the car have lots of power and run rough at the same time?

What is a “reconditioned” engine? What does “runs rough” mean? You see where this is going… Car problem help by internet and “Twitter”-like posts don’t mix.

I’m in agreement with cigroller on the points he makes.
Reconditioning means what? Rebuilt? Rebuilt partially or totally and whodunit?

If this 1-2k RPM runs rough thing is interpreted as a bucking, lurching, etc. then a couple of stabs in the dark might be:
MAF problem.
Air leak in the intake tract between the throttle body and MAF sensor.
EGR fault.
Possible fault with a spark plug boot, etc.

That’s all assuming the engine idles very smooth; a question that was not answered.
The devil is always in the details and sometimes the tiniest of details can make a huge difference in an opinion about the cause of a problem.