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Running radiator fans 100 percent of the time?

The form won’t let me select a make or model… I have a 1994 honda prelude which I noticed did not kick the fans on when the car warmed up. I concluded it was the coolant temperature sensor, so I stuck a paper clip in the sensor plug to complete the circuit and keel the fan running all the time. Is this bad for the engine to always have the fans running? Especially now that it is getting cold

The fans running all the time can cause the coolant temperature to drop to a point where the computer switches back to the open loop mode.

In the open loop mode, the computer will operate the engine as if it’s cold all the time. which will result in the engine using more fuel.


Beyond what Testor said. The sender is a $5-10 item, might as well replace it.
Having said that, the fan switches on when a certain temperature is reached then switch off. Even when the outside temperature is >90 degrees and I am running my AC the fans switch off.