Running HOT

1961 thrifymaster “Stovebolt”

After not driving for 6mos. (Did start up once every month) Now runs 240 degree after 8-10min.Have changed fluid,thermistat190 ,sending unit,gauage,recorded rad. Both heater hoses are hotequally Bottom rad hose is hot top not to bad.

The bottom radiator hose may be soft and collapsing under stress of suction from the water pump, and causing a lack of coolant flow.

Thanks for the idea . Hose looks fairly new but will change it and see.

Often times the proper hose has a spiral of wire in it to prevent the collapsing hose syndrome. I am assuming the pump is working and the belts are snug and in good shape.

Thanks I will be sure to get new hose with wire reinforcement Pump looks in like new condition, I pulled it and shift has no slop or play spins smooth. Some one suggested drillling a small hole in the thermostate “To burp” any air that might have gotten in the block? Any thoughts?

Try running it with the thermostat removed. If the problem remains, you’ve eliminated one possible culprit.

Have run without termostat no help. Can the sending unit be defective,or the gauge both are new. What temp. should I have at the top rad. hose compared to the bottom? Or how much differance?