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Runaway Fords

On my Ford Taurus the car seems to just suddenly accelerate on its own. The RPMs jump and and the car gains seed. I take my foot of the gas pedal and try to lift up it just keeps going faster. It seems the only way to stop it is to mash on the gas pedal and lift up and than it will start to slow down. What is going on? I have a 2004 Taurus SES with 119323 miles.

The problem might be with a defective Idle Air Control valve which is not uncommon to Ford’s. A coworker had a Ford Taurus and as he was pulling into a gas station, the IAC valve malfunctioned which caused the vehicle to accelerate rapidly which resulted in him running into the gas pumps.


Sounds to me like you’re throttle plate is just sticking. Get a can of throttle body cleaner & clean it up. Make sure you get both the front & back of the throttle plate. Be gentle & only use throttle body cleaner as Fords have a teflon coating on the TB that you’d rather stays intact.