Runaway engine problem



I have a 1996 Ford E-150, 5.8 engine. I have had a runaway engine problem 3 times, once in reverse. I was able to shift into neutral and standing on brakes turned off ignition and still hit a tree. My repair shop said it was a sticky throttle body. They cleaned and lubricated it, but it got stuck another 2 times after and I had to have the car towed to the repair shop each time.

For the past three weeks the van has been sitting in my driveway with a “stuck throttle” again. I want to have the throttle body replaced with a new one and I called a local Ford dealer and the Ford Motor Company but have discovered that there are no new throttle bodies for this model van available anywhere. Ford Motor Company said that they would send me a report form about three weeks ago, and I still have not received it.


The runaway throttle problem might be caused from a defective Idle Air Control valve. I had a coworker run into a set of gas pumps in his Taurus when the IAC valve malfuntioned.

The IAC valve is located on the throttle body and looks something like this Start the engine and while it’s idling take the handle of a screwdriver and tap on the IAC valve. If the idle speed changes when doing this replace the IAC valve.



You may have to go to a salvage yard for one, which I would think is not a big deal. Hopefully the trouble was not misdiagnosed and the cable is the real problem.


If the throttle body is really the problem (do as Tester suggests), it looks like you can get a new BBK ‘performance’ one from Jegs, but it’s $350, so this is kind of a last resort: