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RSX stalling/failing while driving

My 2003 Acrua RSX, Type S is having a problem that used to be sporadically mysterious, but is now bordering on dangerous. While driving, with the clutch depressed (when I’m about to shift gears or brake), the car will lose power. The first couple of times, this happened only while I was in 2nd gear and traveling < 20 mph, but recently, it happened when I was going 45 mph on the freeway access road, which was concerning because I lose power steering, and was luckily able to muster all of my strength and guide the car to the curb. God forbid it ever happen on the freeway – I would surely get rear-ended and cause a terrible pile up.

I’ve taken it to two different mechanics, but neither were able to reproduce the problem, since it happens randomly. One thought it was loose battery terminals, but I checked the terminals immediately after the last stalling incident, and they were tightly secured.

The car ALWAYS starts right back up after this happens.

Any clues as to what is happening?

It could be a LOT of things, any suggestions would be a SWAG at best. You’ve stated that it has happened when you are shifting or applying the brakes, when it happened on the freeway access road, did you just hit a bump or pothole? If yes, then my first SWAG would be the ignition switch.