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RPM Needle on '00 Accord

I have a RPM gauge that has seemingly done the impossible. Instead of resting on the peg at ‘0,’ it is now underneath it. Effectively, it no longer registers any RPM because of its location. I wish I had seen how this happened. Anyone else encounter such a thing?

Did you drive that car in reverse way too fast?

jk: Seriously, on some American cars you press and hold the odometer reset button while starting the car.
That may do it on your Honda as well. It is worth a try.
Did you replace the battery before you had this problem or pull the battery terminals off? I wonder if the thing would reset if you pulled the terminals off for a little while…

I did have some issues with the battery cables and had to pull them off. I will give this a shot and see if it works, and also try the odometer reset button while starting the car. Clearly something still works or it wouldn’t be all the way up to the peg on the flip side, now just to get it switched over.

Ah, I bet that caused it, pulling the battery cables off.
The ‘new’ gauges are not straight mechanical gauges but stepper motors of sorts. They can get confused, from what I hear.

You may have just found that your tach just died… Ive seen this many x…they over rotate themselves…and it usually happens because the tach pickup sensor is messed up and is reading improperly… could be reading and signalling double or triple the proper rpms
Does it return to the proper allignment when the car is OFF? engine not running? If SO…then its your tach signal sensor…which if Im not mistaken is a part of your distributor…if so equipped on that year…


The output signal to the tachometer is provided by the Power Control Module or the computer. However, the PCM has a tachometer test connector on it. So if you connect a digital hand-held tachometer to this connector, it can be determined if the tach is the problem or if the output signal from the PCM is the problem.