Rpm gauge & abs light

i have a 1997 Cirrus. The ABS light came on about 2 weeks ago – this is after i drive about 30 yards. The brakes seem to be operation ok and when the light does come on there is no bell or chime sounds to indicate something is wrong. ALSO, the RPM gauge just started to not work. Occasionally it may operate correctly but most of the time it just sits on zero. Any ideas on what the fault or faults are?

The ABS light might indicate a legitimate problem with the anti-lock braking system. It does not set a chime when the light comes on. You can either ignore the problem (safe enough) or bring it into the shop for a costly diagnosis and repair.

The problem with the tachometer (rpm gauge) is likely unrelated to the above. There could be a number of reasons for it, one that is likely is solder breaks in the printed circuit of the instrument panel. This defect is common on Chrysler cars of that vintage. If any other gauges go out soon, assume solder breaks.