RPM Fluctuation

My 2000 Chevy S-10 4x4 has been driving rough for a few weeks. The tac revs up and down while I’m driving - feels like it’s losing power, then catches and continues on normally. I just put new tires on it (31 10.50 - the same size as the ones that came on it) but I’m not sure the problem is related. Any ideas?

I have no idea how new tires same size could cause rough running.

Do I understand that when you are under power, as opposed to coasting to a stoplight or otherwise reducing power, it runs rough at times?

I ask to eliminate the possibility of an idle control problem, but for sure that would not be the case when you have the throttle down a ways, only when you let up on the throttle in normal driving where speed varies in traffic. Just want to make sure we are speaking the same terms.

Automatic or manual? Sounds to be a transmission issue.