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2000 s-10 transmission trouble

2000 Chevy S-10 4 Cylinder

Last 2-3 days

High pitch whining noise (sometimes) when accelerating.

Tractor/lawnmower engine-like sound only when accelerating.

Loss of power when pressing down on gas pedal too hard (low rumbling sound).

rpms winding a bit high before changing gears.

A/C is working fine, truck is cranking fine, and check engine light hasn?t come on??

Last Few months

On interstate, very hard shaking at 55mph + over and motor is winding out but doesn?t seem to be changing into overdrive or highest gear. I usually can?t go over 60 mph. Sometimes check engine light comes on after I?ve been driving on interstate for awhile, and when I finally come to a stop, the gears seems to change very very hard. But then after a day or so the light goes off and the gears don?t seem to be changing as hard then.

The first thing you need to do is scan it for codes. Post back with the code/s and we can go from there. It sounds like a drivability issue along with possibly a trans issue, they might be related so get the codes read.


The low rumbling sound could potentially be torque converter clutch chattering. My '96 S-10 with the same engine was doing this when trying to downshift from overdrive. It eventually got bad enough that the chatter/slippage was heating things up to the point where the fluid was boiling and leaking out of the unit in multiple places. It needed a rebuild, after which it’s problem-free.

It’s interesting that, during all the time it was like this, it never once threw a code. I had it in the trans shop multiple times before the rebuild and it was scanned every time…never a code.