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Roulette Wheel of Automotive Misfortune - iPhone App?

I presume the industrious elves at NPR are busily developing the Roulette Wheel of Automotive Misfortune app for iPhones and the like??? What better gift this Christmas this year than an app for those who are more tech saavy than mechanically inclined??? Now you don’t have to hope they field your call you can try your luck anytime your old jalopy acts up. Starter motor not cranking, take advice from your good pals Tom and Ray and… “bake brownies and take it to the shop”. Sloshing sound when you stop and black mold 3 inches thick… “Sounds like time to contribute to another boat payment”. Hours of entertainment for the whole family… as they sit there taking bets when Dad is going to admit that he doesn’t know the first thing about cars and take the heap to the shop. Ok you app developers now go forth and multiply… scratch that… rather go forth and create this darn app so I can figure out how to fix my piece of junk.

Why you so sound bitter to them? Cool man!!!