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Dope slap inspiration, thank you!

Dear Tom & Ray,
Every Monday while driving my eight year old daughter to school we listen to the podcast of the latest Car Talk show. In one of the shows there was a segment mentioning a husband who deserved a “dope slap”. That really fascinated my daughter and after a short idea exchange we decided that there’s got to be an “app for that” ! To my surprise, there were no “dope slap” apps, so we decided to develop one. After a couple more CarTalk episodes and number of fun evenings developing and testing the app, we submitted the official “Dope Slap” app to the Apple store. The first time the app was rejected on the basis that the use of the app could be damaging to the device (i.e., the phone), but after further communication with the Apple reviewing team the limitation was lifted and this free app was published on the iTunes App store and Android App market. So now technology takes the dope slap to a new, virtual level and expands its possibilities and use.
I am writing this not to promote the app but to expose it to the audience who would most appreciate it. And I just wanted to share how your show became a source of family fun and creative inspiration. Thank you very much!

Maybe the DOPE SLAP could be added here as a badge along side ‘off topic’ and ‘disagree’ ?

Something like this?

So funny, great idea, unfortunately I still adjust points and use a dwell meter, have a stupid phone, and could not use an app, even if I wanted to. Sure I just figured out how to text using a computer to cellphone, and sure I am network analyst, security and at work computer guru, but really… Guess I’m living in an amish paradise, great wierd al take off of coolio!