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Rough shift/noise

63k miles 2005 AWD. Automatic Seems to shift a little rough first thing in am; after work.

Noise under hood - rattle/jingle

The two may be unrelated. Many vehicles shift differently before they have reached full operating temperature. Sometimes these cold shifts seem delayed and rough or jerky. It’s the computers way of trying to warm the engine up faster. Watch the temperature gauge and see if things change significantly as the gauge rises. The rattle/jingle could be many things, maybe a loose exhaust heat shield.

I am going to recommend a transmission fluid change with a filter cleaning. HOWEVER, I don’t think it is likely the cause of your problem, but there is a remote change and IMO you are due for a change if you have not had one done already. (Yea it likely is not due yet according the the owner’s manual, but automatic transmission fluid changes is the one thing I believe the automakers tend to underestimate.

Has the transmission fluid been checked? Has this transmission ever been serviced? It should have just passed is second service. If you want your best shot at a long life for it, take it to a local, independent transmission shop for a basic service. When you do give them the symptoms and have them check it out.