Rough Idle

Am considering some sort of injector/intake cleaning - either BG 44K, or 3M’s DIY kit. Looking for some feedback.


1995 Toyota T100

Base Model

2WD Std Cab

4 Cylinder 2.7L Manual Transmission

Grey, or Gray - not that that matters?!

Currently 199,370 miles

Right now, I start the T100 cold with a simple key twist & release. Starts 1st or 2nd time when cold, has always started this way. Yep, I feel lucky!

When I go to accelerate, even without putting it in gear, the engine kinda bogs down and if I don’t quickly give it enough gas, it will stall. Once it gets to 2500-3000 RPM, it is good to go. It will still idle roughly, but will accelerate without stalling.

Some History (from here): http://act…

Ok, so the head gasket was replaced.

I’m getting between 19-20 MPG; not bad but have gotten as high as 22 MPG in the good old days.

My mechanic has an induction cleaning procedure (static clean of injectors) that he’s offering at around $200.

Not sure how much the BG 44K treatment is - but the 3M one is about $50 or so. There’s a YouTube clip on How To:


Seeking your feedback…


How long have the plugs and wires been in there? How about air cleaner and fuel filter?

Before doing repairs or chemical fixes, let’s make sure all the maintenance due has been done.

Plugs & fuel filter are brand new and the wires & K&N filter went in last year (7,000 miles ago).

It has been starting roughly only when fully warmed up for a few years now. It’s why I replaced the wires last year (with new plugs at that point), as well as the filter.

The check engine light came on yesterday - but by the end of the day, it was off.

I’m still looking for feedback - does intake/injector cleaning work?


Read the check engine code. It’s probably still stored in the computer.

Theoretically, injector cleaning could work IF this is your problem. Not a high probability in most cases though.

I don’t have the interface to read the code.