Rough ideling 98 Chevy Lumina



My Lumina runs great but idels rough. I,ve changed the plugs, wires, air and gas filters. Anyone have what I should check next?? Thanks for your ideas…


No Check Engine light?



The check engine light is not on… No lights are on…


Spray some throttle body cleaner in the intake and see if that improves the idle. It may be dirty.

OR, it may be a faulty IAC (Idle Air Control) valve.
This isn’t a given, but seems to help most non-idling problems.


If Roadrunner’s suggestions do not help, try reading codes anyway. Sometimes they can have codes without the light on.

Some auto parts stores will read them for free.


You could have one cylinder with low compression. Do a compression test if the other things you try don’t cure the problem.