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Hello I’m Donna. I have a 1990 Ford Probe GT. I’ve had it for about 5 years now. About 2 years ago i noticed it getting a little rough on bad patches on the highway. Now when i hit a rough spot in the highway my car almost jiggles (thats the best way i can put it) off the road. Depending on how long the rough spot determins how far to the side of the road i go. In town driving is kinda’ different. Going at slow speeds when i hit a pot hole, It feels like i fell into a 3 ft. hole. Plus it sounds like a wheel fell off(very loud!!) I have asked several machanics about this. I have yet to get the same answer out of two. Can you help me!?!? I would really like to try to get it right close to the first time.

You should easily get a consensus on this problem. Sounds like your struts are worn out. Time for some new ones. And while they are down there they should inspect all the other suspension components for excessive wear.

Absolutely struts,what other answers have you been getting? Are you speaking to these mechanics casualy or are you presenting your problem and asking for it to be fixed?

What mechanic would not zero in on the struts first,with a inspection of all other suspension components? Mechanics like to do struts,good money maker.

I am going along with the struts as well. They may not be the problem, but they are certainly the most likely based on your description. Have the shop check alignment and wear on the other parts as well when they do the job.

I am in agreement about the struts.

On a 19 year old car, the struts were likely worn out several years ago, even though that might not have been apparent to you at the time. This isn’t really rocket science, so I have to wonder about the shop(s) that did not zero in on the struts being the prime culprit here.

And, as has already been stated, your entire front end needs to be checked for worn parts. Things like tie rod ends and ball joints are likely to be in bad shape by now since you have been driving the car on worn-out struts for an extended period of time.

It is important to note that this is a serious safety issue, as well as a comfort issue. Badly worn struts cause your handling/road-holding on curves to be poor, and perhaps most important of all, can actually lead to poor braking. If your wheels are “hopping” because of the worn-out struts, they are making poor contact with the road. If your wheels are making poor contact with the road, when you apply the brakes in a panic stop, it could take a MUCH longer distance to stop the car.

Get those struts replaced a.s.a.p.!!

Thank You for your time and answer. I have only talked to these mechanics casualy. One told me it was the sway bar link kit, another said something about some kinda’ bushings, another said struts, another said shocks(witch i dont know what the diff. is!) Another one said my car was just junk, that i couldn’t get it fixed (I refuse to believe that!) I think it’s just that i’m a female and they think it’s funny to watch me run back and forth between them trying to figure out what’s wrong with my poor car!! Do they do that? So you think it’s just struts!?!?

I’ll put my vote in for struts as well.

ThankYou for your reply! Can you tell me what exactly are the suspension components that i need to have checked?? …The names of them?

If you bring your car into an alignment shop and ask for an estimate, you should get a written one that will tell you what is worn out and broken. They are supposed to check everything that needs checking without you having to know all the parts before you do anything. You may have to pay for them to check it. My estimate for repairs is about $1,600. Your car may not be worth keeping at that price. You’ll have to decide that part.