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Rotors Frozen

I have a 2003 Honda CRV . I was attempting a front brake job and found I cannot get rotors off of car. I removed small screws holding rotors and everything else. I tried using the other small threaded holes they give you to push rotor off hub- no luck. I gave it a little love tap with hammer but afraid to really hit it hard-- any suggestions???

Don’t be afraid. Hit it hard. From the back side, along the top edge unless your replacing the rotor or getting it turned. And use a BFH. You need some good force to break the rust ring around the hub centric.

yeah I was hoping to turn the rotor - that is why I was trying to get it off. I could always just replace it but…

How many miles are on those rotors? These days rotors are pretty thin, and even if you have enough left to turn them there’s a really good chance you’ll be pulling them back off w/in a few months for warp.

Either way they still have to come off though - In addition to BK’s recommendation of the BFH I’d spray some PB blaster into all of those holes.

When you install the new rotors, make sure all of the mating surfaces get completely cleaned up and smooth. Then give them a thin coating of brake grease to prevent this kind of thing.

It’s better to hit the rotor from the inside, but sometimes you can’t "fit " a hammer in there. Get a huge pair of channellocks or suitable device. Have a friend hold a piece of 2X4 with the channellocks and lay the wood flat against the rotor. Then hit the wood with the heaviest hammer you have. Don’t give it your hardest swing right off the bat. Work up to a harder swing–no sense in hitting it harder than necessary.

Oh, yeah. Spray rust penetrant like CRC, or whatever, and let it soak first. If you’re lucky you could spray in from behind the rotor, too. Good luck and post back!

Do you have an oxy fuel torch set available?

The bang on it hard method was successful on my '04 Civic’s rotors, but if you could just really heat the rotor inboard of the wheel bolt circle, pling, they will pull right off.

A propane torch doesn’t have the flame temp for the job, although oxy-propane probably would.