Rotor screw

I’m having trouble getting a rotor off. The rotor screw was stuck. Then stripped. Then drilled. Still no luck. The rotor is completely damaged ( dont care I got a new one ) but still it seems like the rotor screw is still there holding it one. Can I just keep drilling till the rotor screw is gone…? I’m at the mangled stage right about now and at a lose.

Yes, keep drilling, make sure the bit is big enough. I don’t replace those screws anyway.

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Yes, the consensus is that they are there just to make the assembly line go faster.

Drill it out. I did the same 10 yrs ago on a Kia Sephia.

Too late now but you get one of those $20 hammer screwdrivers. Then when you bang on the tool with a hammer it will loosen the screw. I got both the screws out that way on my son’s car but I put the screws back in again.


Is there anything behind the screw I should look out for or am I clear to just go at it…?

Those screws are short.Since you already stripped the screw head,continue drilling until it let go.The screw is there just to hold the rotor in postition to remove the caliper or install it.

This is where I am and still the rotor wont move. I thought rotor is stuck but I have tried everything to get it off… so maybe the screw is still holding it on… I’m not sure but I’m getting irritated lol

Rust could be holding it on. Try a few whacks with a heavy hammer. If it’s still stuck, I would spray PB Blaster at every nook and cranny where the rotor is against the hub. Do this a few times over the course of a day, then try hitting it again. You want the rotor off without too much impact on the hub bearings. Heating the rotor with a blowtorch could also help, but again, be careful to avoid hurting the hub.

Tried the hammer no luck. Will get the spray today and try that

The first time I did pads and rotors on my old 05 Town and Country, I had to use hammer, PB Blaster, and plenty of time to let the oil soak in. Be patient, it’ll pop off eventually. I was rotating hit areas too, 5 to the top, then 5 to the bottom.

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Just to ask the obvious… You did drill out both screws, right?

Put PB Blaster around the hub area indicated with the red arrow.Capturerotor

Use a bolt/nut to force the rotor off.



There was only 1 screw on, the other was already off or broken.

Tried the bolt/nut trick. Did not work… damaged the bolt lol

I have been spraying it with PB blaster the last 4 hours every 30 mins lol no movement

Looking at the picture I’m not convinced you’ve completely drilled that screw out. It could still be holding the rotor. If the bolt trick isn’t working, and PB blaster isn’t working by itself, you might have to reach for the torch. Be careful where you point it, because you don’t want to hit the flex line with the flame.

Of course, the other possibility is that you aren’t hitting the rotor hard enough with the hammer. Sometimes it takes some really good pounding.

Watch this guy struggle.


That’s what’s worked for me in the past. Sledge hammer. Make sure the car is vey secure.

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