Rookie Mistake

Will starting my truck once for probably under 5 seconds with the oil filter out, drain plug out and oil cap off do any damage to my vehicle? The truck still had some old oil left in the engine probably around 1 qt. Don’t ask why or how I did this it was a long day and I was tired…probably should of waited to change to oil. I am just worried I did damage. I put new oil in buttoned everything up and it’s running just fine, but i am just worried. Thanks.

Under 5 seconds you should be okay.

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It was probably a total of 5-7 seconds and the last quart went all over the dang place. I have done tons of oil changes on my vehicles and have never in my life done this. I am just freaking out slightly because such a rookie movie can destroy a vehicle.

I would not worry too much we all have made stupid mistakes at one time or another.

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Thank you I am a new member here and it’s seems like a lot of people are knowledgeable here. I just needed to hear from some knowledgeable people that things would be alright. I appreciate the feedback.

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You are welcome and welcome to the forum we have people here from all walks of life with a vast store of knowledge hang around and you will see.

I can’t imagine it is a problem, especially if oil was being pressurized and thrown out.

I was changing oil in the mowers at the cabin and my BIL was in a hurry to cut the grass so I handed the mower off. After cutting for a while it dawned on me I hadn’t put oil in it yet. No problem, still ran with no oil consumption for as long as we had it. It’s a secret though so don’t tell anyone.


You should be fine no longer than that event happened.
Don’t worry about mistakes. Even the best mechanics have likely committed a few boneheaded errors.

I appreciate it. Your secret is safe here my friend.

Thank you I do believe it will be okay I am by no means a mechanic and try to only change my own oils, brakes, and other easy items and since I have never done this before and I read some scary stories on the internet and just needed some extra input. Thank you again.

7 seconds or less is nothing to worry about.