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Another reason to avoid iffy lube - Changing oil with car running?!?!?

Youtube video:

I think the broken ignition is the least of her worries if what she is saying is true. How long was the engine running without oil? Who in their right mind would change oil with the motor running?


I have my doubts that they actually did the oil change with the engine running. I’m thinking they didn’t do it at all and still wanted to charge her and came up with a BS story about how they changed it without turning it off.

I’ve worked at a quick lube and I can’t imagine trying to change a filter with the engine running.

Draining oil with the engine running was something that used to be done in practice. Though I don’t believe it was done very often. The elder mechanics at the garage I began pumping gas at in the late 60s spoke of following that practice in their long-ago past.

One of my late uncles always changed his oil that way - till he lost an engine.

I cannot fathom changing oil with the engine running. At 600 rpm idle speed a crank with a 2" diameter at the mains is passing metal past the main bearing surfaces at a rate of over 3700 inches per minute. 30 seconds without that pressurized liquid barrier is enough time to at least add excessive wear, if not do damage.

I cannot comprehend the reasoning. And would consider anybody doing it as seriously undertrained and/or neglectful.

if this were done it would create one heck of a mess. when that oil filter was loosened oil would come flying out all over the place. it would take sooooo much time to clean up the mess. this is a story i do not believe happened. they probably did break the ignition cylinder though

Has such stupidity always been with us but never made public until recent years with the internet?

I do it that way when it’s cold, No. No I don’t. I don’t shovel snow in July either, I wait until it melts before I drive on it.

I’ve no doubt that it has.

Not if it were drained first, and no oil was left in the pan. Then, the oil pump wouldn’t have any oil to send through the filter. GENIUS!! (Except for the rings and bearings suffering from oil starvation).