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Roof repair

The metal roof has separated from all the metal supports within the interior of my 1972 Ford Econoline van. So from the outside the roof is domed. How do I attach the 2? Adhesive? BandAids? Lick it and it will hold? Big straps around the body?

I have no idea what you are asking but there are any number of epoxy mixtures that bond just about any surface to another. If rust is the cause of the seperation, it must be cleaned off to bare metal first.

Because there are many possible solutions and unless someone here has experience with this problem and the solution does not require special equipment or training, you are going to end up taking it to a body shop, which would be my solution.

My guess is they will spot weld it, but I could be wrong. Spot welding could cause bigger problems than it might resolve if you don’t know what you are doing.

An Ordinary Screw Driver Should Do The Trick.

Since the van is now 38 or 39 years old, using the screw driver unscrew the license plate(s) screws and then with the same screws attach the plate(s) to a newer van with all the parts still intact.

Unless this van is a rolling museum or destined to become a classic, it’s likely “run the course.” We’re talking bell-bottom pants, Nixon, and Woodstock.

You mean the only thing wrong with this vehicle is a bulging disconnected roof ?


I’d use “pop rivets”. And buy extra life insurance.