Roof line tare in a 2003 Dodge Caravan Sport

I have four tares (2" long) in the joints of the sheet metal, where the roof and the door jam meet. These tares aline with the trim and are ajacent to where the roof rack attaches to the body.

A result of a t-bone type collision?

If you’re thinking of buying this van walk away. If you own it, it will need welding or brazing to fix the breaks/cracks.

We own it, yea for me… Are there more example of a previous accident, and is this the kind of thing a carfax report would have exposed. How much would a repair like this cost?

Thanks for your help, David

I couldn’t tell you how efficient Carfax is. That likely changes with each personnel level of experience.

Door misalignment and possible sprung roof rack mounts may suggest further damage.

While on the subject of possible previous collision damage, are the ragged edges pushed downward or are the ragged edges facing upward?

What are the approximate sizes of these ‘tears’?

As to the repair cost, I would get at least three estimates from three different shops (NOT chain stores) to get a good idea.

If at all possible, have the actual body(person?) examine the problem. They can usually tell you what’s all involved.
For instance, the headliner inside may have to be removed prior to brazing due to the fire hazard.