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Rodents ate my engine wiring

help, we have had our Toyota Camry 2007, taken over by rodents. 2 episodes of the wiring eaten by rodents in the past 2 months. Insurance is covering most of the cost. How do we stop the problem? The car is parked outside in our driveway. No major bushes are nearby to harbor rodents, but they must be coming from somewhere.

i have found that a box of moth ball mix with sulfur will keep rodent away from my jeep cherokee.just put all around the outside of car.

Paint the wiring with Tobasco Sauce…Chipmunks are the usual culprits…

My own non-planned method seems to be that I have a cat who prefers the outdoors. I live in the country - plenty of rodents. They leave the cars alone though. I don’t particularly like cats, but I tolerate this one on the assumption that it guards the cars.

I have posted on this several times so will link one instead of typing again. This product works on rats and mice and scorpions and lizards. Not sure which type of rodents you have.

Here is another link, which involved lizards:

Here is the link to the product. I buy them here in Mexico at Aurrera, a subsidiary of Wal-mart, they cost a lot more here.

The problem, of course, is you need an extension which will survive rain, etc., and you need to connect it each time. And, under the hood you would need to slip it in under the hood after you shut the car off.