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Rocks in my car

for the past 6 months i have noticed that my car has noises that sound like alot of little pebbles are in a big tin can. the sounds are bad during the first 15 minutes of driving and then seem to go away. what is that? and what do i do about it? any advice is appreciated

Where is the noise coming from?

the noise is coming from somewhere underneath the car. it sounds like the front of the car. but not sure.

Is this car still under warranty? If so I’d bring it in ASAP. “Marbles in a tin can” is the classic description of knocking, but that should be a thing of the past on a car this new. Does it make the noise all the time or just when you’re accelerating? Do you have to be moving? Have you tried checking under the hood to see if you can tell where it’s coming from?

it makes noise only as i am accelerating or coming to a quick stop. good suggestion… i will check under hood today. thanks.

First check your owner’s manual for what it says about the octane rating of the gasoline. It it uses the word “required” and names something like 89 or 92 or something then make sure you’re using the right gasoline.

Regardless of what it says you could run a few tanks of higher octane gas to see if the noise goes away.

thanks for all your suggestions. will check it out.

Pull the hubcaps and look for rocks or lugnuts.

Could be a loose heat shield

I’d open the hood, fire it up and let it idle. Try and isolate it when the engine is cold by just moving around the engine and listening. Bearings in a power steering pump make rattling sounds when they’re dry or on their way out and might tend to go away or lessen as the pump fluid heats up. Check the fluid level and look for leaks around hoses and the unit cooler if there is one.