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Rock under a tire

If I inadvertently park my car on a rock so that the rock is underneath one tire, will I do any damage to the tire? Will the rock cut through or make a dent in the tire? Thank you. abxxx

No and No. The resting deflection on a tire is of little concern compared to that on impact while driving. Unless the rock has a sharp edge on it, not to worry.

How big is the rock we’re talking about?

It is hard to see the rock because the tire covers most of the rock. abxxx

You’re worried about parking on a pebble? :wink:

Don’t. You’re fine.

I doubt it will harm the tire, but I wouldn’t make a practice of it.

The forces that a tire has to withstand without damage when hitting a rock at speed are exponentially larger than the forces it has to withstand when parked on a rock. There is absolutely no way this will damage the tire.

If you get the chance, try cutting through a tire tread with a razor utility knife sometime. You’ll be amazed at how hard it really is to cut a tire. I tried it once and gave up in fear of accidentally slicing off a finger.

I did it for 13-1/2 years. I had a peastone driveway.