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Roaring sounds


I have Nissan Maxima SE 2004 with 104K miles on it. The car is in good shape and I have been taking it to the dealership for regular service since I bought it. Lately the car makes roaring sound while I am driving. It comes from the front. Why would that be the case?

Roaring is usually caused by a bad wheel bearing.

Xebadiah may be correct, or not.
To say that the noise is “coming from the front” does not localize it enough, IMHO.
The noise could be coming from the engine, particularly if the tachometer is registering high RPMs when the roaring noise is heard.

Alizaidi–The next time that you hear this noise, please take note of the RPMs indicated by the tachometer, and then let us know what you observed. Although your wheel bearings are likely to be at fault here, it is also possible that your transmission is slipping and allowing the engine to turn at high RPMs.

If you tell us how many revs the engine is turning when you hear the roaring noise, that will allow us to rule out one sitation or another.