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Road Trip

I am going on an extended road trip with my 86-year-old mother. We need a dependable, comfortable vehicle with good gas mileage and ample storage space. I’m looking at the Honda Element and the Toyota Rav4. Any suggestions out there?

I have no idea how long you’ll be gone, but you could probably rent a car and come out better. Check it out. Putting thousands of miles on your new car really runs down its value.

As stated, unless the drive is part of the trip and renting is out of the question, you’re looking in the right place.

Do you or your mother have any medical issues that make entry or exit from a car a problem? If so, consider any compact SUV. I have two friends with back and knee problems that drive CR-Vs and are happy with them.

Likewise, consider whether your mother will be able to manage a step-up into any raised vehicle. Best to take her car shopping with you to help with the choices.

Thanks for all the suggestions. If all goes well we could be gone for a year or longer. No physical issues yet; she has an SUV now and likes riding high–but at 86 that could change.