Road trip on winter tires?


I’m about to take a road trip from Fredonia NY (about 50 miles west of Buffalo) down to the big city (about 830 miles round trip). I have two rather old all-season tires on the front, and two relatively new snow tires on the back of my RWD '91 thunderbird.

Is it safe to take this road trip on these tires? Should I replace all tires with all-seasons? I was thinking of buying new snow tires to replace the all-seasons on the front, would it be worse to take the trip on new snow tires (granted it’s still fall) or on old all-seasons?

Thanks for any help

If you have to ask about the tires I seriously think its a bad idea to run on questionable tires.

The new snows on the rear will be fine, but I’d seriously consider replacing those old front tires with some new all season radials.

Two things to remember. First the best tyres go On the back. Winter tyres are better in the winter and all season the rest of the year. So replacing the tyres on the front would not be a good idea, unless you move the rear tyres to the front.

As for the need to replace them now will depend on their condition. Just how much tread is left on each tyre?