Road noise


I have a 2005 Ford Escape. About a month ago my right rear tire had a flat. I took the car to a tire shop to fix. The tire was fixed and works fine. The problem now is that from that area of the car there is a lot of road noise. It seems like there is no insulation to stop noise from getting into the car. The noise reminds me of when I had to have a rear seat replace in a previous car and the back seat was just the metal of the car, no cloth in place. I could hear the road while driving that car and it seems the same now. I have looked at the car behind the tire and noticed some cracks (?) in the black stuff that looks to me like spray-on insulation. Anyway, is there a way to check it, fix it, do anything to it? The noise is driving me crazy!


I wouldn’t be worried about noise insulation failing. Perhaps the tire folks decided to rotate your tires while doing the repair. Sometimes if you don’t rotate your tires often enough and then rotate them, irregular tire wear will cause a lot of noise.


[b]Those cracks you see on that sprayed on stuff is sound deadening material. And when this stuff is damaged in any way, it can compromise it’s effectiveness in reducing road noise.

What you can try is purchase an aerosol can of undercoating. Most parts stores sell this. And recoat those areas that show the cracks. Don’t be afraid to apply a heavy coat.

Try this, and see if it reduces the road noise.