Road noise - 2017 Subaru Outback



does the car normally have lots of road niose. I changed from the original Bridgestone to Michelins and it’s still very loud. I only have 11k miles


Apparently it does, based on your experience. Michelins are known to be pretty quiet tires on most cars.

Noisy IS in the ear of the beholder, though. Your “noisy” might not be my “OK, that’s pretty quiet”


I have a 2016 Outback and there is quite a bit of road noise but I guess I’m used to it. Our prior Subaru, a 2000 Forester, also had significant road noise. This is purely a guess but I wonder if the higher ground clearance contributes to more road noise - Or maybe the AWD or a combination of both??


I have a 2017 Outback Limited and while it is not a quiet car it isn’t excessively noisy. Were the Bridgestones as noisy as the Michelins?

I have Bridgestones and for winter I tried a brand sold by Les Schwab (WinterCat XT and they were unacceptably noisy. So bad that Schwab replaced them with another brand (Toyo Observe G3) and they are acceptable but as quiet as the Bridgestones.
I’m curious about the Michelins because that is what I had planned for replacements when the Bridgestones wear out.
If you have 18" wheels, I suspect they add to the noise level as compared to 17" (less rubber between the wheel and the pavement.)


By less rubber between the wheel and pavement you mean a lower profile tire?


How long have you had the car (are you the original owner)? Was it ever not loud? (Trying to distinguish between whether the noise has always existed vs. whether it developed over time while you had the first tires). Does the noise change on different road surfaces? This could help distinguish between inherently noisy tires (noisy on smooth roads) vs. tires and suspension that allow the noise generated on rougher surfaces into the cabin. It’s early for wheel bearing failure, but bearing (and gear) noises would remain across tire changes. My experience with many sets of Michelins (likely not your exact model) and Pirellis, is that both were fairly quiet. You might try driving another of the same model as a comparison.


Additionally, the exact trim model can have a bearing on the interior noise level, simply because the “stripp-o” trim models have little or no sound insulation, but the top level models–in this case, the Limited or Touring trim models–have significantly more sound insulation than the cheaper models.

What is the trim model of the OP’s Outback?


Thanks for your reply

I guess the Outback is just sensitive to road noise. It changes with the type of surface.

The car only has 10k miles and has brand new Michelins.

Other than that, I love the car.