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RIP, Irv Gordon

Irv Gordon passed away, he put over 3.2 million miles on that Volvo P1800. Would like to see a detailed maintenance record for it.


Just a couple comments, not intended to offend anyone, but is it really the same car if you replace the engine and who knows how many other parts? And how sad that the guy never again experienced how nice it would be to get into a brand new car. I know when I dumped my Riviera how nice it was that everything worked and no unusual noises. Not to mention the smell of a new car and having the dealer take care of everything instead of laying on the garage floor. Just something to think about.

… as well as an honest reporting of the repairs…

Who inherited the P1800?

No idea, but I’d guess Volvo had an arrangement for it to end up in their museum.

Volvo occasionally GAVE him new cars over the years, in recognition of his driving milestones

It even says so in the article

It’s a heart-warming story. Irv must have really loved driving that '66 Volvo. It’s a pretty good looking car, sort of an ageless sports car design.

internet is good for getting info.

In my opinion, it’s one of the better looking Volvos :smiley: