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Reving Accelerator

While driving (surface roads)my 2003 Honda Oddyssey, the engine has started to rev while my foot was on the accelerator. It did not surge, stall or have other symptoms. It has only happened twice so far. If I take my foot off for a second and then continue driving, the problem goes away. My mechanic told me it was some sort of air motor (forget name) that may act up due to humidity and to not worry about it for now. The car is about to hit 100k miles. Others tell me the Oddyssey is know for losing its transmission at 100K and other problems soon follow.I’d rather not buy a new car right now but not sure keeping this one is worth the risk. Anyone hear of these problems? Any suggestions?

These transmissions are notorious for suddenly failing at any time. This symptom doesn’t sound good.

While the information is not totally clear, it appears that the engine is revving, but that the vehicle does not go faster when the engine revs. If that is the case, then it does–unfortunately–sound like the transmission is in the early stages of death.

Since the vehicle has not yet reached 100k, I would strongly suggest going to the Honda dealership before the odometer hits 100k. I recall that Honda extended the warranty on many of their problematic transmissions to 100k, so if this one is covered, the OP could potentially save a few thousand $$. Maybe this one is not covered by the extended warranty, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If it is not covered by an extended warranty, then have the transmission evaluated by an independent trans shop–NOT by a chain like AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or Mr. Transmission. Both the dealership and a chain operation would charge more than an indy shop, and the chains are also notorious for poor workmanship.


Thanks for the feedback. This is very helpful.