Reverse on Mazda truck

About a week ago, the reverse on my 1999 Mazda pickup started to not work sometimes. As time passed, it began refusing to kick in, until yesterday, I cannot get into reverse at all! Forward drives (D,1,2) continue to function. Called dealer whose only suggestion was low fluid level. Checked it and added about 3 oz. which brought it back into hatch-mark area on dipstick. Done w engine idling in “P”. Still won’t work. What am I in for?



The reverse band is adjustable by going to a longer servo pin. The oil pan has to be dropped; the servo cover removed; a test spring placed under the piston; a special tool installed; a dial indicator shows the piston travel as the ST pushes the piston up; and the correct pin length selected to bring the travel into spec. If the travel is still out of spec with the longest pin, you are probably looking at a transmission disassembly to renew the reverse band.

A part of the diagnosis would be to do a line pressure check when in Reverse. You might have a leaking servo cover gasket; a leaking valve body or separator plate gasket; broken piston ring; or servo cylinder wall irregularity. So have the transmission technician inspect the reverse servo for problems when he/she is in there to check the travel specs.

Hopefully, you do not need a full rebuild. Post back when you solve this problem. Also when you post a question like this, use the Repair and Maintenence section as you will find experts like transman614 cruising there. Hope this helps.